How to score 800+

Don’t close down old accounts. The length of your credit history influences 15 percent of your score. The older your accounts, the more points you earn. So don’t close inactive accounts in hopes of streamlining your credit report. Longevity is worth points. Retune your credit card utilization. You may have heard formulas calling for 30 percent utilization (that is, actively using about 30 percent of your available credit) on your credit cards; some sources peg that number at 10 percent. Those can be smart benchmarks. The elite choice? Zero percent utilization. Pay off credit card debt every single month to demonstrate mastery of your budget and personal finances. Diversify the types of debt

Common Questions?

How do you reinstate bad credit? How do you fix your credit legally? How long does the process take? Can paying bill’s restore my credit? Can I restore my own credit? What if deleted items reappear? TO KNOW THE ANSWERS FOR THIS QUESTIONS PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSWEEK TEACHING TIPS

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