Identity theft

Identity (ID) theft is a crime where a thief steals your personal information, such as your full name, social security number or driver's license . The thief can use your information to fraudulently apply for file taxes, credit or get medical services. These acts can destroy your credit status, and cost you money and time to restore your good name and credit matters. You will never know that you are the victim of ID theft until you experience a financial consequence as: mystery bills, credit collections, denied loans amonth others.

There is still time

We are really realistic and honest on what we can and can't do, this is not a science or a specific methodologic that guaranty the success of the business, but thanks to our knowledge and long experience in most of the cases is a win-win situation. if we get your case is because we are available to help you in one way or other. Call us today.

Take control of your credit

Thanks to our 10 years of experience we provide the best solution for your credit matters. SMARTER and EFFECTIVE PROCEDURES, Speedy Credit Reports Inc. has a great professional team that can guide you true any derogatories items that are damaging your credit score or if is the case we'll teach you how to build your credit from scratch. Call us for your free credit report analysis.


Correct credit report issues as efficiently as possible is one of many actions we do thanks to our experience and knowledge in the credit repair field. We overcoming with the credit bureaus as many times as is need it to get the credit information fix, we're good at it.


Many people don't realize that in this right moment are losing and waisting time or money. Speedy Credit Reports Inc. can do the job for you, helping you along with your credit report and getting you back on track with your credit life, it is time to get your house, car, and financial freedom in your way. Call us for a free credit report analysis or just send us a message through our web page, a credit consultant is open to review your credit report summary.

Smart and easy

Speed Credit Report Inc. give always the right step during the process of fixing or rebuilding your credit, 10 years of experience make us a confident and reliable company that knows what to do in any situation regarding on credit matters. call us for a free consulting.

Use the right tools to fix your credit

Our company provides the right tools and ways to dig into your credit reports matters and find out the best way to reconstruct your CREDIT HISTORY no matter how bad your credit is.

Best credit report analysis

Everything that we do is based on consumer federal protection laws, you as a consumer has the right to dispute anything that is questionable, inaccurate and untimely in your credit reports.

We are here to help you...

Before you make any move on your finacial life we will be glad to guide you to the right path, is very important to understand how big the damage can be if you make a wrong move as: 1. Closing bank accounts. 2. Closing credit cards. 3. Maxed out your credit cards. 4. Hard Inquiries. 5. Miss payments. This wrong move will kill your credit score for months or years. Call us for a free advise.


CONSUMER LAW Allow you to ensure that your credit report is accurate and information was reported fairly, any item that can not be verified on your credit report most be removed by the credit reports agencies.


Become a winner with 700+ on your credit score. Financial benefits are in your path waiting for you... call us for further information 1-888-241-5243 - 954-662-5243

Credit restoration by Speedy Credit Reports Inc.

The fact is that your Credit history can not be improved overnight, rebuilding damaged credit takes time probably months or years depending on the severity of the damage, so be aware of what you need to do to your credit, a bad move will cost you time and tons of money.


Are you waiting for it to happen or making it happen, call us for a FREE CREDIT REPORT ANALYSIS. 1-888-241-5243 / 954 662 2326.


After Speedy Credit Reports Inc. start working together with the consumer fixing their credit score his goals and life will change 100%, but they most follow our advice.

CREDIT CARDS helps your credit score if:

Quick moves to boost your credit score: 1. Ask your bank to increase your credit limit on your credit cards. lowering your utilization rate on your credit cards can give your credit score a healthy boost. 2. Credit cards even if you pay them off Don't close them down. but the trick is that If you keep your access to that credit, using those cards regularly but without raising your usual spending, (don't use more than 20% to 25% max of your credit limit).history, length and amount granted plays a huge role in your fico score.

Credit Score really matter...

Your Fico score is a three-digit number derived from detailed information from the three major bureaus regarding on your credit history and is one of your most valuable assets. A FICO score ranges from 300 to 850, and those with scores of 740 and higher are typically entitled to the best interest rates. Your credit score plays an important role in your financial life, it is the difference between being able to buy a home with a mortgage or keep renting and also affects drastically the interest rate that you pay on your loans (car loans, home loans, privately consolidated student loans, etc.). The higher the score, the lower you have to pay for interest rates. Is time to start thinking abou

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