Credit repair specialist, working together as a team with our consumer, improving credit matters and increasing their score, results in 45 days.

Worry about your last credit report

Working with a company that has so much experience will definitely help your on the way to get better credit scores no matter how bad your credit is, we have all the knowledge and methods to start improving all derogatories items.

GO 4 IT!

It's time to start improvement your credit report, no matter how far you've gone down the wrong road, you can allways turn arround.


Is never to late for a new beginning, start fixing your credit report today, No matter how bad you think your credit report is, there is always a way to recover it. Is just a matter of time, patience, and the right process. call us for a free credit report analysis.

Check Your Credit Report

You’re looking for inaccuracies and/or information you don’t recognize. The Federal Trade Commission in 2013 said about 1 in 5 Americans had erroneous information on at least one of the three credit reports. Among the surprises people have found on credit reports: 1. Collections accounts or judgments they didn’t know about. 2. Paid accounts showing as open. 3. Incorrect name and/or Social Security number. 4. Open accounts they knew nothing about. 5. Incorrect debt amounts.

We can help you...

Everything that we do is based on consumer federal protection laws, you as a consumer have the right to dispute anything that is questionable or inaccurate, we have the experience and knowledge to recover your credit score in few steps.

We have the right kit

Thanks to our knowledge, experience, and the right tools that we have been collecting for years and putting together in our KIT, Speedy Credit Reports Inc. is 100% prepare for any situation. WE CAN HELP YOU.

Special discounts...

Speedy Credit Reports Inc. Thinking about our consumer, our people, our family. Call us for further information: 1-888-241-5243 / 954-662-2326


In general, you will qualify for the best possible rates on most types of loans with a 750 or higher. A 720 will get you nearly the best rates. A 680 will get you a decent rate most of the time. Anything below a 600 and you will find it very hard to get any sort of loan at all. In the range from 600-680, you can probably find a loan or credit card, but the interest rate is going to be much higher than someone with a 720 would pay. Here’s how the American population stacks up in terms of scores: - Thirteen percent of the population have a FICO of 800 and higher. - Forty-five percent are in the 700-799 range. - Twenty-seven percent have scores that fall between 600 and 699. - Thirteen percent

Is just a matter of time.

You don't risk anything, just give it a try and you will see the changes, is just a matter of time that we can start recovering the health of your credit history. call US for a free consultation and ask for: REFERS DISCOUNT or our short programs. 1-888-241-5243


- There is a TIME CLOCK in how long a debt are collectable, depends on the type of debt and the state. - the status of limitation starts...

Leaders in Credit Repair

If you think that there is not a chance to recover your poor credit situation, our advise and experience will make you change your mind... We investigate every angle, we dispute every single issue on your credit report to get you back on track. The law is on your side, so we are.

Leaders in Credit Repair

Alba Escobar, (CEO). Working a decade with her credit repair company SPEEDY CREDIT REPORTS INC. Giving hundreds of consumer the satisfaction of been available to recover their financial lives. Our compromise is: To guide you through the process of building your credit from scratch in the best way possible and rebuild your credit score no matter how bad it is. If we start to work with your credit is because we are 100% sure that WE CAN HELP YOU.

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